If you don’t aim high, you’re aiming for mediocrity

Putting in place an effective business plan will help to ensure a sustainable and successful future.

Good business plans that have real returns on investment:

  • Begin with the end in mind – plan 3-10 years ahead
  • Prioritise major challenges
  • Identify opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Establish a road map for getting things done
  • Create accountability for the delivery of key strategies
  • Align your business goals with your organisation’s culture
  • Optimise employee engagement

Business plan development focuses on setting clear and compelling goals for all employees. That means building for tomorrow in ways that encompass people, customers, financial and operational factors.

We work with you to make sure your business plans include stretch goals, milestones and KPIs that will keep your organisation continually striving for success and improvement.
To ensure that everyone can see the big picture, your immediate and longer-term business plans should be reviewed annually.  We can also assist you to develop and implement a systematic program of reviewing your progress against the plan.


When developing a sound business plan, PBC can utilise a number of profiling tools to measure the current fitness of your business. We use the results from the profiling surveys as well as your organisation’s values, financial and operational goals to provide the substance for your business plan.  We also guide you on communicating the business plan to your people to ensure greater employee engagement.


To help you put the plan into action, our facilitated business planning workshops deliver the detail you need for your long term and annual business planning cycle.