We offer a range of business management coaching and mentoring options appropriate for frontline supervisors through to senior executives, CEOs and board members.

Providing coaching and giving participants accurate feedback about what to keep doing, start doing and stop doing is the first step to improving personal effectiveness.

Results have shown that coaching programs that utilise personal assessments, such as the Hogan Assessment Instruments and 360 Degree Feedback, result in measurable improvements in participant’s knowledge (knowing what to do) and personal effectiveness (knowing how to do it).

We also provide advice on how to develop a ‘culture of coaching’ in your organisation and how to implement mentoring programs.

Our team of consultants and associates represent coaching expertise across a range of industries, organisational levels (from CEO to frontline) and technical disciplines.  Given coaching can be a very personal experience, we take time to find the right coach for the right person to ensure individuals have the opportunity to maximise career potential.

For further information on coaching and mentoring with Peter Berry Consultancy, please contact our team.