What It Is

The Customer Satisfaction Survey is a wide-ranging, in-depth survey that measures not only your customer’s satisfaction levels, but also the functional and emotional value from the customer’s perspective.   It provides a ready-made action plan for aligning your business strategies with service issues and helps your organisation focus on improving customer relationships  and outcomes.   Conducting the Customer Satisfaction Survey will help you better predict customer retention and expansion opportunities.

What You Get

A profiling instrument that:

  • Measures and benchmarks customer satisfaction scores
  • Targets key issues and delivers robust feedback
  • Provides insights into your organisation’s service culture
  • Clearly reveals themes and trends.

For retail clients we also have services covering in-store interviews and ‘mystery shopping’.

A user-friendly and succinct final report that:

  • Identifies key strengths and areas of concern
  • Presents all customer comments
  • Summarises your strengths and opportunities
  • Makes specific recommendations so action planning can start immediately


For more information please contact our office on +61 2 8918 0888