What It Is

The Employee Opinion Survey is an easy-to-administer, anonymous questionnaire that captures employee feedback on issues critical to your organisation’s success. It provides your people with an opportunity to have their say independently and anonymously. It provides you with a ready-made action plan for improving employee satisfaction, engagement and building a high-performance culture. The PBC Employee Opinion Survey has its foundations in the Baldrige Criteria, an internationally recognised framework that reflects a balanced scorecard approach.

What You Get

A profiling instrument that:

  • Is easily administered on paper or online
  • Solicits anonymous feedback from your employees
  • Reveals strengths and shortcomings
  • Measures employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Provides powerful insights into your organisation’s culture
  • Has been used extensively throughout Australia and globally in the public and private sectors.

A user friendly final report in plain English that:

  • Provides benchmark scores
  • Measures satisfaction against key themes including alignment, improvement, customer, communications, culture, development, motivation, leadership, benefits, accountability, teamwork and wellbeing
  • Identifies key concerns and sets out areas for improvement
  • Analyses culture
  • Summarises employee comments
  • Makes specific recommendations so action planning can start immediately
  • Benchmarks your organisation against our extensive database of Australian and New Zealand organisations as well as multinationals

How You Can Use The Results

  • As a key input into your annual business planning cycle
  • As part of an annual health check for your organisation
  • As a key performance indicator on people
  • As a starting point for cultural change
  • As a guide for planning your human resource management
  • As an input to your enterprise agreement


For more information please contact our office on +61 2 8918 0888