What It Is

The Employee Safety Climate Survey identifies ways to improve the safety climate of your workplace.

This survey, designed by PBC in conjunction with Hogan, captures anonymous feedback from employees, provides a critical risk analysis and measures key safety attitudes accross the Commitment vs Compliance spectrum.

The Employee Safety Climate Survey can be used in your organisation’s planning and safety strategy.

The Safety Climate survey:

  • Measures employee awareness and commitment across key safety themes
  • Can be conducted using a combination of online and paper based questionnaires, depending on which is easier for the employees and the organisation
  • Has clear and concise questions understood at all levels of an organisation
  • Allows for client-specific safety questions
  • Allows for demographics to be customised

What You Get

A profiling instrument that:

  • Is easily administered on paper or online
  • Solicits quantitative, qualitative and written feedback
  • Provides powerful insights into the safety environment of a workplace
  • Enables planning and safety strategies
  • Provides an important input into the development of future safety strategies

A succinct, user-friendly final report that:

  • Has 3 main sections; a Safety Awareness Index, The Key Priorities and Written Comments
  • Provides results critical to an organisation’s planning cycle and safety strategy

This review is most effective when one of our consultants has an opportunity to work with the organisation to review the results and integrate the key issues into ongoing strategic plans.

For further information on the PBC & Hogan Employee Safety Climate survey and certification please contact our office on +61 2 8918 0888