Keynote Addresses

Our team regularly provides keynote speeches at conferences. Our topics include leadership, business planning, people and culture, customer relationship management as well as business excellence.

Our delivery is pitched in practical terms with case studies that have real application and motivational impact.


Peter Berry

Peter is known as one of the most innovative and compelling presenters in business.

He has been voted ‘Speaker of the Year’ on several occasions by TEC (The Executive Connection), a network of over 1,000 CEOs from across Australia and New Zealand.  The TEC 100% club award is all about the speaker and the connection they create with the TEC group on the day.  When it’s right, it’s right, and the speaker gets a perfect 100% rating.  In 2009, Peter earned 2 ‘100% ratings’ for his presentations (tallying a total of 10 in his career).

Peter’s passion for people and culture is about creating an environment where employees are valued and emotionally engaged in the business.  He has successfully worked with hundreds of public and private organisations nationally and internationally now for over 20 years specialising in people and culture through transformational change, starting with the ‘end’ in mind!

As a thought leader, Peter inspires and captures the attention and imagination of his audience leaving them with a powerful message of ‘have a go’.

Shayne Nealon

Shayne has been a key-note speaker on Best-Practice Recruitment, Workforce Planning and has co-authored research into Leadership in Australia and what makes a High Performing CEO; Female Leadership in Australia; Customer Service Professionals in Australia; and Australia’s Workforce DNA. This research has been presented at Industry Forums including the Australian Psychological Society Conferences and International Customer Service Association.

Jamie Sinclair

Jamie is an experienced facilitator and has spent many years developing leadership capability through the delivery of structured programs and coaching.  Jamie has addressed numerous industry and organisational conferences on topics such as the future of HR, leadership development and workforce planning.  He has also published articles on topics like the power of employee opinion, the importance of workforce planning and leadership in the public sector.

Conference/Workshop Facilitation

Our experienced facilitators will ensure your seminar achieves the desired outcome.  Our professionalism, experience and independence allow us to keep the agenda on track, offer frank advice and encourage everyone to have their say. Our mission is to deliver on the workshop objectives.
Our facilitators have received consistent, positive feedback from our clients.  Here are some highlights:

  • ‘Wow, the best 2.5 hrs I have spent for a very long time, extremely beneficial & entertaining.  Will really help me focus through the tough times’
  • Peter is an excellent trainer.  He has a great style and is very effective!
  • A well presented program by someone who knows what they are talking about.
  • ‘This is the most valuable teaching I’ve had this year’
  • ‘Excellent practical strategies that are do-able’
  • ‘I worked for a motivation company for 2 years, Tom Hopkins, Zig Ziglow, Dr Dennis Watty. Peter Berry, one of the best!’

For more information on Keynote Speakers and workshop facilitation, please contact our team.