An effective exit interview process will help you determine why employees are leaving, highlight turnover trends, identify isolated problem areas, and develop a strategy to retain talent and improve employee performance and satisfaction across your organisation.

PBC has a standard ‘best practice’ questionnaire that probes for feedback on:

  • Pay and benefits;
  • Hours of work;
  • OH&S;
  • Reasons for leaving;
  • Method of new job application; and
  • Employee suggestions for organisational improvement.

The interviews gather data on motivational and cultural fit as well as identifying gaps in the individual’s competencies.

The PBC Exit Interviews can be used in organisations as a stand-alone intervention or part of a personnel planning cycle.

The questionnaire can be customised to suit the organisation’s unique environment and can be provided as an online survey or conducted via telephone or face to face.

PBC collate the data and produce a report indicating key themes and trends over time.  This is an objective process that identifies trends and strategies to address them. These strategies can then be incorporated into strategic HR plans.