The Hogan Interpretation Master Class will provide in-depth instruction on how to use configural interpretations of Hogan data in a range of organisational settings.

Participants will increase their ability to evaluate and interpret Hogan profiles across all three Hogan assessments and learn how the three data sets can be applied when they are consistent and where there is conflict.

These interpretations will assist with projects when selecting, developing, coaching and working with individuals, teams and organisations.

The Hogan Interpretation Master Class covers these learning objectives:

  • Identify important configural interpretations within and between the three Hogan personality inventories
  • Gain greater understanding of the interrelationship with the HPI subscales
  • Gain an understanding of the subscales on the HDS and implications of high and low scores
  • Gain a greater understanding of the MVPI subscales
  • Gain greater understanding of configurations, triangulations, conflicts and their behavioural implications
  • Critically evaluate case studies using all three assessments
  • Collaborate and discuss interpretation techniques with other Hogan-user professionals

As a prerequisite for the Interpretation Master Class, participants must have successfully completed the Hogan Certification Workshop.

To enquire about booking a Hogan Interpretation Master Class, please email workshops@peterberry.com.au, or call our office on 02 8918 0888.