Make Informed Hiring Decisions

Everyone has made a bad hire. In fact, research shows that more than half of new employees fail. Considering a bad hire typically costs 150% of his or her annual salary, chances are you don’t want it to happen again. We can help.

Our selection tools use personality assessment to identify candidates’ work style, understand their core drivers, and recognise patterns of behaviour that could get in their way. Armed with this powerful insight, you can improve hiring, increase productivity, and impact the bottom line.

Once you know what you’re looking for, finding the perfect fit is easy.

Hogan is the world leader in providing personality-based assessment methods for business. To date, Hogan has been used to assess over 5 million working adults performing over 450 different jobs across 40 countries.

The Hogan Approach to Employee Selection

Talent Assessment: By using HoganSelect for your employee selection process, you can identify the work style behaviours most critical for successful performance in a particular job within your organisation. You can use this information to design an assessment program that will strengthen your hiring decisions and provide a skilled pool of high potential employees to ensure strong leadership and succession planning.

Immediate Results: HoganSelect results are delivered within seconds so you can quickly learn about a candidate’s strengths and weaknesses on a variety of important work style behaviours.

Consistent Interview Process: HoganSelect offers a variety of report options based on your hiring needs. It guides you through the selection process with customised interview questions based upon the candidate’s work style behaviours.

Hiring Recommendation: Hiring the wrong individual typically costs an organisation 150 per cent of the employee’s annual salary. The cost of a bad hire is even greater for management level positions. Using HoganSelect and our job-fit recommendation, you can begin hiring top performers from the start.

Legally and Scientifically Defensible: Our employee selection solutions are implemented according to appropriate legal and technical guidelines and yield no adverse impact for any protected population. HoganSelect is validated through rigorous criterion-related validity studies and is consistently proven to predict job performance.