Want to improve Employee Engagement? Engage the Middle

The PBC Approach

PBC has been delivering leadership development programs in Australia for over two decades.  In addition to our history of senior management development, PBC has designed and delivered a series of customised middle management development programs.  These programs are aimed at mid-level and emerging managers, future talent and high potentials.  Although our programs are customised, they have two distinct modules.  The first module uses the Hogan 360 and Hogan Personality Profiles to build a detailed understanding of Self.  The second module develops skills to improve their day to day performance.

Sample Overview of Middle Manager Development Program

Customising the Program

PBC holds twenty years of research performance data on Australian Managers.  Module 2 of the Middle Manager program uses our research and data gathered from the participants’ 360 feedback to pinpoint which managerial skills they need to focus on in order to improve.  PBC’s practical training modules are coupled with contemporary content and interactive facilitation to create a memorable experience for participants.

PBC Program modules include:

Having Difficult Conversations
Communicating with Impact
Executive Stamina
Building Customer Relationships
Time Optimisation & Delegation
Change Management
Business Planning

Negotiation Skills
Effective Delegation
Coaching for High Performance
Building High Performing Teams
Goal Setting
Emotional Intelligence
Innovation and Creative Practice

Return on Investment

Return on investment data for leadership development is often difficult to obtain.  Employee engagement or data is one way, but there are others.  They include a repeat of the Hogan 360 Feedback, 6-12 months after the initial feedback.  Another way is to integrate participant personal development plans into existing performance review structures and review cycles.  Direct Executive involvement in the program helps ensure that participants feel supported and motivated to focus on their development goals.  Other methods are to track overall performance ratings through annual performance reviews and to actively follow the career progression pathways of participants.