Negotiation and influencing are crucial business activities and are essential skills for today’s managers and executives.

Our influencing and negotiation skills program follows a 3-step model ‘Planning, talking and closing’.  These are essential EQ (emotional quotient) skills in setting agendas and delivering results.  Our program is designed to enhance skill development in the art of persuasion and dispute resolution.

The PBC methodology to negotiation and influencing incorporates

  • 24-step process for successful negotiations
  • Interactive practical workshop using real life case studies
  • Understanding the role personality plays
  • The importance of EQ (emotional quotient) in negotiating and influencing

We will customise the program to match participants’ current skill levels and required skill levels (from frontline to executive level).

Program extension: Having successful feedback conversations
Our negotiation and influencing skills program can be extended to include a module on how to provide performance feedback and the art of giving and receiving feedback.  This module utilises skills learned in the negotiation and influencing skills program and focuses on:

  • Setting expectations
  • Understanding the issues
  • Understanding the impact
  • Understanding the consequences

For more information or to discuss how we can customise a program for you, please contact our team.