PBC provides organisational analysis using the Hogan Personality Profiles to assess leadership teams, specific departments, units, or strategic teams.

Leadership Team analysis

The PBC Leadership Team analysis uses the team Hogan profiles to identify team strengths, opportunities and potential road blocks that may impede the team from achieving their business objectives.   The analysis also provides insights and recommendations for the team and team leader to consider in order to improve overall team cohesion and performance.  The Leadership Team analysis encourages group cooperation and superior team performance by presenting new and indepth observations about the personalities that make up the team.

Organisational Analysis

The PBC Organisational analysis uses the organisation’s combined Hogan Profiles to identify core values and the key drivers of organisational performance.  The Organisational analysis will identify how to best manage the culture in order to achieve outstanding performance.  Similar to the Leadership Team analysis, the Organisational analysis can provide a more thorough understanding of the culture and climate that exists within an organisation.  Analyses can be conducted between departments and units or for the entire organisation.  Breaking down the results allows for the identification of similarities, differences and idiosyncrasies within an organisation. Once the analysis has been completed, team workshops can then be used to establish a path forward that aligns individual contribution and the strategic direction for teams and the organisation.