What It Is

The PBC Safety 360 is an assessment that allows managers, peers and reports to provide feedback on Safety Competencies.   Safety is the most critical area in which managers must convey a consistent message; collecting feedback from all relevant groups is an effective method of ensuring that a leader is fully supporting the organisation’s philosophy on safety.   Our clients use this assessment in conjunction with the PBC Hogan Safety Climate Survey to assess the overall safety culture and the Hogan Safety Report to assess the safety orientation of individual applicants and employees.  Together these tools are a comprehensive package designed in alignment with the Hogan SafeSystem package.

PBC Safety 360

Safety Competencies

Communication Measurement
Crisis Management Policies and procedures
Environment Safety Attitude
Equipment Training
Health People Skills

What You Get

A profiling instrument that:

  • Is easily administered on paper or online
  • Solicits quantitative and qualitative feedback as well as written comments
  • Provides powerful insights into the individual’s safety leadership
  • Fast-tracks performance development planning
  • Provides immediate coaching opportunities

A succinct, user-friendly final report on each individual manager that:

  • Allows organisations to identify if a manager is communicating a consistent safety message to reports, peers and executives
  • Benchmarks the individual manager’s score against their self-score, their score from their managers, peers and direct reports, and the average for all managers
  • Scores each manager on a scale from ‘outstanding’ through to ‘needs development’
  • Identifies key strengths and development opportunities
  • Integrates directly into any established performance review program 
  • Provides scores across 11 dimensions related to safety leadership

This review is most effective when an accredited consultant has an opportunity to work one-to-one with the individual manager to:

  • Review the results
  • Prepare a succinct personal development plan
  • Work with the organisation to identify immediate safety critical changes, for example training, equipment or contractors


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