The Risk-Type Compass provides a unique perspective on the human risk factor. Identifying individuals as one of eight ‘Risk Types’, it offers a typology and vocabulary that facilitates risk planning, research and discussion about risk tolerance, the suitability of Risk Types for risk related roles and, within the investment domain, allows portfolio management to achieve higher levels of risk suitability for clients. It also offers insight into the person’s attitude towards risk in five different domains, including Financial, Social and Reputational.

Personal Report

This report provides detailed information about Risk Type, Risk Attitude and overall Risk Tolerance, highlighting capability for high risk decision making, and roles involving high personal risk, or where risk aversion is essential. Click here to view a sample report.

Investor Report

This report helps investors to prepare for discussions with their Financial Advisor. Narrative and bullet points explain their core type characteristics and their implications for appropriate investment portfolios.Click here to view a sample report.

Financial Advisors Report

This additional one-page accompaniment to the Investor Report summarises key findings and allows Financial Advisors to prepare for client discussions. Click here to view a sample report.

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