‘In the box’ can be a good thing.

Hogan ThinkBox is a premier online leadership resource, incorporating results from the Hogan Personality Inventory and the Hogan Development Survey. Build on your strengths, explore potential limitations, and maximise your career potential with our customised coaching and development tools.

  • Available anytime, anywhere via web subscription
  • Searchable by competency, management issue, or Hogan scale
  • Right-sized, engaging, multi-media
  • Easily tailored to your organisation’s competencies

Hogan ThinkBox is a library of learning resources providing just-in-time, powerful tools for today’s busy employee. ThinkBox is relevant and succinct, distilling expert advice, experience, and templates into hundreds of engaging, to-the-point development resources that work in concert with an individual’s HPI and HDS results.

The entire library is easily tailored to your organisation’s competencies, providing your people with relevant resources.

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