Preventable accidents and driving violations cause unnecessary stress, business expenses, injuries and even fatalities. Companies should make every effort to reduce and prevent them.

Hogan has undertaken extensive research in the local and international transport industry to determine the personality characteristics of successful Transport Drivers.

The results illustrate that the Hogan Personality Inventory (HPI) can be used to hire high performing drivers who are less likely to have preventable accidents and driving violations.

The Transport Driver profile allows for the selection of individuals who are calm and even-tempered (Adjustment), goal-oriented (Ambition), perceptive and tactful (Interpersonal Sensitivity), rule-abiding and dependable (Prudence), friendly yet independent (Sociability).  The assessment provides five increasing levels of fit for the Transport Driver job.

The percentage of drivers with preventable and unreported accidents decreases with higher levels of fit.  In fact, drivers who receive a Low Fit (1) score are more than three times as likely to have accidents than those with a High Fit (5) score.

For further information on the Hogan and PBC Transport Driver Profile please contact our team.